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Status of the Nation’s Historic VA Hospitals

Veteran’s Administration Hospital -Walla Walla

VA Hospital in Walla Walla

The National Trust for Historic Preservation recently released a study on the status of the nation’s historic Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals and care facilities. Titled Honoring our Nation’s Veterans: Saving Their Places of Health Care and Healing, the report paints a grim picture of the future of the many historic properties under the agency’s authority. The report can be accessed here.

At one point, the report states: “In general, the planning process for the VA’s management of historic capital assets is of great concern, as it determines the short-term and long-term future of the VA’s capital assets.” The report includes four broad recommendations to reverse current trends that focus on: VA management/policy development; agency staffing; facility and budget planning processes; and stakeholder involvement. If you are a veteran, have a friend or family who is a veteran, or an interested preservationist, the report is well worth a read.

In Washington state historic VA facilities include medical centers at American Lake just outside of Lakewood, and at Walla Walla.