Preserve, Educate, Advocate
Preserve, Educate, Advocate


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Historic Everett
2112 Rucker Avenue #8
Everett WA 98201

Our Mission

The mission of Historic Everett is to encourage preservation and rehabilitation, and to advocate for and educate our community about the heritage of the city of Everett, Washington. This important and valuable heritage and character includes historic buildings, architectural artifacts, landscapes and other cultural items.

History of Historic Everett

Founded in 2002, Historic Everett became a non-profit in 2003. Since its formation, the organization has garnered immense support from community members, local businesses, the City of Everett, and the State of Washington. Its members volunteer to raise awareness for homes and structures of historical value. Historic Everett works hand in hand with Everett citizens, forming important, and lasting ties within the community.

Historic Everett Board Members

The Board of Directors serve three year terms, meeting monthly to review agenda activities, projects and local issues.

Past Board Members

  • Jack O’Donnell
  • Gene Fosheim
  • David Blacker
  • Steve Fox
  • Clinton Seal
  • Loretta Balduin
  • Marilyn Boyd
  • Bill Belshaw
  • Valerie Steel
  • Patti Lohse
  • Jason Smith
  • Christina Robertson
  • Daniel Westbrook
  • Mary Ehrlich
  • Claire Howard
  • Judy Morrison
  • Gail Chism
  • Kristin Day
  • Alisoun Lamb
  • Vicki Rosenau
  • Aileen Langhans
  • Nikki Oku
  • Dave Ramstad
  • Sarah Church
  • Shirley Ester Small

Research Your House or Building

There are many resources with which we can help provide guidance and details for your specific site. Contact Historic Everett ( for Everett area research questions.

Preservation Partnerships

Local support for Historic Everett preservation group starts with government, businesses, and complimentary organizations. We work in conjunction with:

We coordinate tours with City of Everett neighborhood groups and help produce development plans in cooperation with local agencies, civic planning and developers.

We are members of the League of Snohomish County Heritage Organizations and the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation and support the National Trust with preservation programs in May which is Preservation Month.