2017 Events

Here is a tentative list of events for the year:

April: Book signing by Steve Bertrand.

May: Brown Awards, presented by the Everett Historic Commission.

May: Kitchen Tour. Location, time, day TBA. View kitchens in historic houses.

Saturday, June 3 at 11am: The ever-popular Cemetery Tour at Evergreen Cemetery, led by Gene Fosheim.

July: Bus tour to Bellingham to visit historic properties.

August: Walk the Riverfront Trail with Jack O’Donnell.

August: Civil War program at Evergreen Cemetery, led by Gene Fosheim.

September: Home Tour. Visit several historic Everett homes.

October: “Is My House Historic” with David Chrisman.

November: Everett Massacre commemoration.

December: Holiday party.

2018: 125th Anniversary of the Everett City Charter.

2017 Calendar now available:

Our new calendar is available at J. Mathesons Gifts, Peak Fitness and Health, Wicked Cellars, Home Inspirations and Lamoureux Real Estate:



Past Events, 2017:

Feb 19: Annual meeting, at the library auditorium at Everett and Hoyt Aves. State Architectural Historian Michael Houser highlighted the work of several local architects including Harold W. Hall, William A. Johnson, Robert Champion and John Bryant
Mar 18: Malstrom Awards.


Past Events, 2016:

Mar 6: Annual Meeting, at Trinity Lutheran College, The Commons. Christopher Summitt, an engaging historian and master storyteller, spoke on “Everett and First Settlements in Snohomish County”.
Mar 19: LOSCHO Malstrom Award luncheon.

Apr 3: Kent Sullivan on the Northern Pacific Railroad
Apr 17: Talk and book signing with Gene Fosheim, author of Mill Town Boy
Jun 4: Cemetery Tour, Evergreen Cemetery.
July 13: Ceremony for moving the Weyerhauser building
July 28: Bicycle ride the Mill Town Trail.
Aug 20: Downtown guided walking tour with Jack O’Donnell.
Aug 27: Civil War cemetery tour at Historic Evergreen Cemetery, led by Gene Fosheim. 
Oct 29: Presentation of the creation of the “Everett Massacre graphic novel” by Deborah Fox.
Nov 3: 100th anniversary of the Everett Massacre.
Dec 17: Holiday party at the Schack Art Center.

Past Events, 2015 :

Apr 19: Everett Maritime History, Chuck Fowler, author of “Tall Ships on the Puget Sound”
May 2: Brown Awards, Everett Historic Commission
June 25: Everett Museum of History annual meeting
June 27: Join us for our next walking tour: Historic Evergreen Cemetery
Sept 15: Civil War  Soldiers Tour, Evergreen Cemetery
Oct 17: Cemetery tour
Oct 18: Powder Mill Gulch with Christopher Summit.
Nov 5: History night at The Anchor at the western foot of Hewitt:

Dec 13: Sol Restaurant, 1405 Hewitt Ave


Our Mission

  • Preserve the heritage of the City of Everett through advocacy, education and preservation;
  • Engage in the preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings, landscapes, architectural artifacts and other cultural items that reflect the heritage of Everett;
  • Offer comprehensive preservation programming in order to educate our membership and community.

Historic Everett was formed in 2002, and gained its official non-profit status in 2003.

Since its formation, the organization has garnered immense support from community members, local businesses, the City of Everett, and the State of Washington. Its members volunteer to raise awareness for homes and structures of historical value.

Historic Everett works hand in hand with Everett citizens, forming important, and lasting ties within the community.


Endangered Buildings

Hodges Building (1923)

This building at 1804 Hewitt Ave had a fire and is in need of repair.

Hodges Building, 1801 Hewitt (1924)

Hodges Building, 1804 Hewitt (1924)

Longfellow School (1911)

The school district is no longer using this building, located at 3715 Oakes Ave. It is in danger of being torn down.

Longfellow School

YMCA (1920)

The Y bought property at 4710 Colby Ave, and we are concerned about this building at 2720 Rockefeller Ave.


Masonic Temple/Knights of Columbus Building (1921)

This building at 1611 Everett Ave is for sale. Originally built as the Knights of Columbus Community Center and War Memorial Building for $110,000 in 1921, it was transferred to the Masonic Temple in 1926. The architects were Lundberg and Mahon from Tacoma.

Knights of Columbus Community Center and War Memorial building

E.A. Nord headquarters (1973)

300 W. Marine View Drive

E.A. Nord headquarters, 1965


Scholarship program